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I'm Aesbeth, and I'm a cyber-witch.
Coming from, is my new home, in the glow of the neon tubes.
Massive nerd, into retro-gaming and arcade games, IT, I code in C and Python, bit of a maker and into it security and social engineering.
Queer as FUCK, trans woman and I feel comfortable with they/them, furry trash, anarchist and communist, I think Awoo should be legalized. Adn I'm vegan too. I may also post lewd stuff and small stories.

Having every fash, freeze peach advocate, incels, terfs and others bastards on a single platform where they could "freely express themselves" is just the best case scenario:
A big bunch of unwanted fucks on a single place, where we can easily monitor all their interaction, and even more easily take their platform down. It would be such a bad thing if the server hosting your little safe space crashed...

And the funniest part is, the gab creator is telling everyone that he's going to fork f-droid to have a "free-speech" enabled app store.
No shit:
Just, please, go ahead and fuck off our turf.

Best thing: Freeze Peach nerds uninstalling f-droid (big ass FOSS app downloader) because their beloved gab has been banned from the platform.
Suck it down losers!

I, like, used to have a teeny bit of chill with allies. Just enough so I can avoid headbutting them when I explain stuff.
And today it just dropped to fragging 0.

w00t, got suspended from birdsite by a mass report from "Allies".
Now, should I appeal the suspention?

For frag sake, I disappear for a month and you just spam florps at my first shitpost you madlads!

Guess who got a 7-day mute on birdsite because she said that nazis shouldn't be debated, but shot in the neck instead?


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Debat: C'est quoi le meilleur entre les CHIPS et les BRETZELS?

Perso, jepense que c'est les bretzels.

L’après-sexe dans les films: *longue discussion philosophique en fumant une cigarette*

L’après-sexe en vrai:
"Tu peux me passer la bouteille d’eau stp"
"Si tu trouves ma culotte… ah je l’ai trouvé ! … ah non c’est la tienne"
"J’ai faim… waaaaaaat mais il est déjà cette heure là ?!"

Hier soir, je suis sortie pour la premiere fois en robe, maquillee et super j'etais canon. Un enfant m'a vue et a dit "Elle est belle la dame."
Gender euphoria is DA DRUG!

I want a kebab, get mad drunk, fuck, cuddles and watch movies. And in any order.

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Et j'ai deja une tonne de bordel dedans... (Pas sur la photo: La liseuse, le telephone et le briquet)

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