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Lewd, hacker on bots 

Please remain calm as I DDoS your ports, smash your firewall, blow up your stack in a glorious overflow, "DROP your TABLE fr33_w1ll; -- , blacklist your biocams, chown your soul and espeak you in moans and call for me.

Transphobes are unfuckable, have a small truck and are cloutless.
Sorry, I don't make the rule, I'd just be on my 800db cloud.

Me: Tell a fukboi with an anime pfp to drown for defending pedo shit.
Get reported for HaRaSsEmEnT by accounts litteraly posting stuff you can get jailed for.
Thanks birdsite, here's your prize for shittiest moderation ever.

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Yo yassuUUUUP!
Guess who's BACK because she got jailed for 12h on the fukken
b i r d s i t e
'cause she told chuds to drown?

Oi all. How ya doin'?
RN, my bff is in the bedroom with his boyfriend. They seem happy. Look like he make him feel better (he/hil for both, ain't this cute?). I'm happy for them, but in the meantime, I'm... I dunno... Sad.
Not sure if sad is the proper way to put it. I want my bff to be happy. I wamt his boyfriend to be happy. I wish happiness to them both and I would die for them to be carefree the rest of their lives.
Maybe I put too much on myself, being the "mom" of the friend group. I'm used to that. I mean, listening to others and bearing their weights with them, being there when you need a shoulder to cry on, a hug to warm you. But I can't stop thinking...

Do I deserve happiness? Or should I die fighting for other to have it?

I'll be honest, the answer isn't clear to me. But the thing I know, is that I'm a warrior. And no matter what, fighting is what I do. Whether it's punching fafs and terfs in the streets, being the clear mind for the losts, or the friend you can talk to.

Keep fighting.Love yall

Oh dear gods, I feel awfully nad and I have no idea why.
Like a sense of dread, helplessness and, I dunno, like I'm fucking dying where I am.

Mention d' Adama Traore, racisme, famille de merde 

Oh gods, mon frere est un sale con.
On discutait Samedi dans la voiture, et il m'a demande de lui expliquer les riots aux US et aussi comment c'est en France. Et ce sac, apres explication, contexte et analyse de la situation en France (notamment dans les banlieus), sa reflexion est: "Adama n'aurait pas du fuir si il n'avait rien a se reprocher, et il ne serait pas mort si il avait obei aux policiers."
Apres, ca se demande chez moi pourquoi je ne l'aime pas. PARCE QUE C'EST UN SALE PETIT CONNARD EMBOURGOISE!

Holy shit, I just got way to many people liking my stuff in birdsite after a small ass thread.
And I may have brought the ugly eye of a bunch of fash skiddies upon me but, who the fuck cares? I won't let those bitches stop me!

Also, I have found a way to download books from Microcosm publishing without paying for it.
I should drop a mail to them so they can fix this.
I'll pay it later when I get cash.

I spent 6 hours redoing my calibre library, lost in a freak update accident,
with a fragged backup. At least, I got to do some proper cleaning and spend time getting some 【noice】covers.

Pain is trying to get games from the 2k and 90s running on a 15y.o. desktop computer without an internet connection because this piece of crap would shat himself if it got connected for a single second.

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