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Lewd, hacker on bots 

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I'm Aesbeth, and I'm a cyber-witch.
Coming from, is my new home, in the glow of the neon tubes.
Massive nerd, into retro-gaming and arcade games, IT, I code in C and Python, bit of a maker and into it security and social engineering.
Queer as FUCK, trans woman and I feel comfortable with they/them, furry trash, anarchist and communist, I think Awoo should be legalized. Adn I'm vegan too. I may also post lewd stuff and small stories.

Mention d' Adama Traore, racisme, famille de merde 

Holy shit, I just got way to many people liking my stuff in birdsite after a small ass thread.
And I may have brought the ugly eye of a bunch of fash skiddies upon me but, who the fuck cares? I won't let those bitches stop me!

Also, I have found a way to download books from Microcosm publishing without paying for it.
I should drop a mail to them so they can fix this.
I'll pay it later when I get cash.

I spent 6 hours redoing my calibre library, lost in a freak update accident,
with a fragged backup. At least, I got to do some proper cleaning and spend time getting some 【noice】covers.

Pain is trying to get games from the 2k and 90s running on a 15y.o. desktop computer without an internet connection because this piece of crap would shat himself if it got connected for a single second.


the date is 4/04



todays date is not found

like the internet error


Maybe the funniest crap to me is the DOOM community, which is like, boomer central, being the most open and wholesome community around a game.
Yeah, I like boomer FPS, sue me.

Faut arrêter de comparer les interfaces de darktable et de lightroom -_-
C'est pas du tout la même chose…

C'est comme se plaindre que les instruments de bord d'un avion sont plus compliqués à comprendre que le tableau de bord d'une voiture…

La raison pour laquelle l'interface de #darktable est plus complexe n'est parce « C'est libre donc forcément l'interface cey de la merde, cey forcément moins bien qu'adobe », ou parce que « y a pas assez de devs pour faire une bonne interface ». 1/n

Crap, forgot what it was to be able to post/toot/birdnoiz without having to spend the next 30 minutes tagging and blocking fuckjerks.

What new mastodon users don't know it in 6 monhts, they'll have been horny on main, posted nudes, had a heartfelt convo about the best drugs, listenend to niche underground music genre and LOVED it, v a p o r p o s t e d, and installed arch.

I'm out of cigarettes, and I can't go get more.

Lol, finna come back here since this is the only place where I don't have someone from my family following me.
Hey, I need a place to say what I really think.

Yo, j'ai la tronche en flamme parce que j'ai eu ma premiere seance d'epilation definitive du visage.
C'etait jeudi, j'ai douille severe, mais c'est WORTH!

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