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Can we get rid of the idea that the "other sex" is impossible to understand and the other related stupidness, that a man and a woman can't be friends?

@grainloom that died with gender in 2015, right? Am I on the wrong branch?

@amsomniac my roommate just said "Tfw you have to understand what bothers a woman"
so... sadly no

@grainloom @amsomniac why is your roommate using chan memes from 2012?

@5alive @grainloom @amsomniac welcome to people who browse reddit, population also my roommates

@5alive @chr I mean, the Rust subreddit seems nice. But yeah.

@grainloom @chr yeah, niche subreddits with communities that organize mainly outside of Reddit itself are usually fine, but we know what happens to the general population.

I'm waiting for mastodon to get enough people to start working on a federated Reddit clone that uses idk homomorphic encryption or CRDTs for decentralized voting with vote totals computed per user. Don't like the community on a particular instance? Their votes don't count anymore.

5alive @5alive

@chr @grainloom But only from your perspective. Their votes would still count within their own communities. This avoids the problem of a toxic culture overtaking a large subreddit, without having to shunt users into more specialized opt-in communities.

@5alive @chr oooh that sounds pretty damn amazing!

@grainloom @chr I think so too. I'm pretty excited about the potential for homomorphic encryption to allow for decentralized, anonymized voting protocols. People often neglect the implications this has for social dynamics, but now that people can see the effect of decentralization on toxicity in communities by what's happening in mastodon, I think it'll be easier for people to see the impact that certain new forms of computing can have.

@5alive @chr @grainloom I do think that putting filtering tools in the hands of users, and making the assumption that in the future "nodes" won't even be a thing (ie a more p2p future) and planning "how could we have effective filtering then" is worth thinking about.

@5alive @chr @grainloom This notion of relative trust in Reddit-like voting reminds me of reputation systems, which I don't know too much about, beyond what an acquaintance of mine wrote about a few years ago. From a community design perspective I think you've hit on a very interesting direction to pursue. (His site's dead now but Wayback to the rescue: web.archive.org/web/2015021506)