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new profile pic. my amazing roommate took this photo of me a couple months ago, then last night she made an interpositive out of it and went to town on it with bleach. it's so COOL

bios is short for bisexual operating system

on a related note, this is day 3 in a row of riding my bike at least 20 minutes a day. i feel great about that

it's *hot* this time of year--just before i started my ride it was sunny, 89F/32C, and 100% humidity--but it's more bearable on a bike bc you make your own breeze. i still can't really ride when the sun's out, though, i have to wait for it to get cloudy

but this time of year it rains almost every afternoon, like clockwork, at 4-5pm, so it works out

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i just got back from a bike ride (nothing huge, just 3 miles). i timed it so i'd get home right before it rains, which i did by about 10 minutes

but i started out riding directly away from where the clouds were rolling in from, so on the way back i was riding directly into a headwind

...full of gnats

i probably got 10 of em in my mouth, my shins and pants are covered. they're still crawling under my shirt

i didn't know what i was getting myself into 😭

birdsite ++, nsfw ment (not explicit) 

i'm finally doing the Big Follows Purge

as of a couple days ago i was sitting at ~960 follows on my main twitter. what i'm doing today is going through my NSFW follows one-by-one, opening them all in tabs, unfollowing, and (once i get through my entire follows list) triaging them into "just stop following" and "follow again from my NSFW alt"

i'm hoping to make a significant dent in the total number of follows i have, but i also just decided i want to keep NSFW stuff off my SFW timeline

it's fun to walk through and look at all the categories of NSFW account i follow. the big ones are sex workers, trans women posting nudes for fun (obv there's a little overlap), furry/fandom artists, fetish artists (again, overlap), NSFW game devs, and what i can only think to call "habitual NSFW shitposters" (some of whom i'm just gonna keep following from main tbh)

what tools do ppl use for posting their toots on fedi and birdsite at the same time? i've seen a few people doing it, but i don't know what string to throw into duckduckgo to make the relevant program appear

vax +-- 

i got shot 2 yesterday!

it is kicking my ass

i woke up with chills at 4am that wouldn't stop no matter how many blankets i used (i got up to 3)

and now i am very, very tired. not as existentially tired as that time i got food poisoning in Key West (i fell against the wall and almost fainted in the elevator), but it's the first time since then i've been sick enough to feel tired

nsfw, ???????? 

i just got two texts from this girl i mommy dom e-fucked in january 2018 and never talked to again

i woke up half an hour ago and this is already a really weird day

my friend and i fixed this boy up today! i have a bulk loader now, so i loaded an 8-exposure roll to test the light seals i replaced, and they worked great >:)

i've been trying all day to figure out how to anthropomorphize the vibe this camera gives me, and i finally figured it out: he's like a 6 year old in a three-piece suit. fancy and adorable

( @messy hello~)

tryna be like this rn

unrelated: writing a blog post for the first time in 7 months. link forthcoming



also I gave him FF12 claws like GOD INTENDED

#art #fanart #ffxiv #mastoart #creativetoots

not NSFW just suggestive

adhd, medical +/~ 

paid $290 in copays yesterday. not great

but i'm on methylphendiate now! took my first dose a bit past 10am, it's almost 2pm now

my expectations were calibrated w/r/t adderall non-XR, and it's definitely different. the come-up was way gentler (it took an hour to start, but another hour to complete, unlike adderall which was like a brick wall). i'm only on 18mg at the moment, and the effect doesn't feel as noticeable as even 5mg adderall, but that's also as expected. i haven't gotten the profound mellow-ness of 10mg adderall, or the general calm of 5mg, just this vague feeling of having a clearer head

i'm curious to see how the come-down will be; on adderall i would get really noided and emotionally weird after 3-4 hours. i guess i'll check back in around 8pm

i like these images better as a diptych than individually, so i decided to try the "fake/digitally matted image" thing

portraits of roommate's new gf. i like how these turned out a lot

selling all my SLRs. from now on we're using toy cameras only in this household

i should shoot more C-41

Vivitar Ultra Wide + Slim, Fuji C200

you can tell she's a bi dyke bc her jeans are cuffed

on the drive there and back: Long Season, Nothing in Rambling, and Deathconsciousness. i should have listened to the latter sooner, it's gorgeous

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