imagine if the Romans had had access to movable type

that'd be pretty fucked up

thinking of the rubes that would believe that the tessar was developped from the 1893 Cooke triplet design by replacing the rear element with a cemented achromatic doublet. hah! such ignorance is laughable

ADHD and work 

"A 2006 study by the World Health Organization (WHO) determined that in the US, adults with ADHD are eighteen times more likely to be disciplined at work for perceived “behavior problems” and are 60% more likely to lose their jobs."

holy fucking shit!!!!!!!!!!! EIGHTEEN TIMES MORE LIKELY



birdsite/corporate social media discussion 

i'm getting the feeling that twitter is gearing up for a tumblr-style purge of SWers, nsfw artists, sfw artists, and (bc of course) normal-ass queer/LGBT people

i got this feeling as soon as i heard about the "Tip Jar" feature they're rolling out, but some stranger mentioned that getting rid of the crop algorithm may have something to do with it (that may be a reach, but it tells me that i'm not the only one thinking this)

Pillowfort is public again, but it still has unresolved management and security issues (long thread, bit outdated):

Artfol is a thing, idk how many people are using it. i only learned literally as i've been writing this that Artfol is non-corporate. they also continue to have no web presence, which--i will be honest--is dumb as shit

this only covers artists, though, not gay community or SWers. i can't speak to the latter, but the former still haven't recovered from the tumblr purge. where will we end up? fedi? doubtful

Sex/porn thoughts 

Look, I think dicks are fantastically sexy appendages and I love some use of them, and I also think that of mouths, but fellatio just looks so goofy to me. I mean having received it it was very, very nice, but it just! Looks! Goofy!

@Dolly yep! the original is SVG, i just used the "download as PNG" option on the wikimedia page, which defaults to a transparent background

a colorspace designed spcecifically for your eyes and your eyes only

I love how, in the grand scheme of things, computers still can't display colors

white triangle is the sRGB color space, bigger black triangle is the backwards-compatible scRGB which was invented to display... more colors. not all of them. but a lot of em

the way it works is so fuckin dumb too. it's sRGB, same black point and color points, but instead of going from 0 to +1, each digit in the [R, G, B] tuple goes from -0.5 to +7.5

80% of the color space is colors that don't (and can't, and frankly shouldn't) exist

i also fixed ZNC. one of the small networks i used to frequent is a ghost town now, but freenode is still a thing (i'm only in ##/hamradio and #/yggdrasil)

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i finally got Prosody working again, after realizing it was broken 4 months ago and not caring enough to fix it. it was a dumb ACL problem with a cert hmu

i get that it's not easy to keep this shit updated in a timely way without thrashing every other instance at all times, but i've interacted with users on some of these instances 3-5 times since ditching the picrew pfp a couple months ago, and they still have the old pfp and bio cached

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something that's hard not to notice the longer you're on the fediverse: every instance i've clicked through to has different old versions of my profile cached

@vriska masking is a neurodiverse thing, not just an autism thing, but that's picking nits

i will say that pretty much every trans woman i've met has been nd, and the autistic ones are consistently a lot more interesting than the adhd ones

(idk if you're interested in formal diagnosis, but it's bullshit for a lot of reasons besides medical violence. self-dx is rad)

toll-free numbers only ("only") cost $15/mo

i wanna get 1 (800) R-U-SUCKN

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