I love how, in the grand scheme of things, computers still can't display colors

white triangle is the sRGB color space, bigger black triangle is the backwards-compatible scRGB which was invented to display... more colors. not all of them. but a lot of em

the way it works is so fuckin dumb too. it's sRGB, same black point and color points, but instead of going from 0 to +1, each digit in the [R, G, B] tuple goes from -0.5 to +7.5

80% of the color space is colors that don't (and can't, and frankly shouldn't) exist

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@1200bps I'm guessing that PNG came from wikipedia? That site seems to always make images transparent that do not need to be transparent...

@Dolly yep! the original is SVG, i just used the "download as PNG" option on the wikimedia page, which defaults to a transparent background

@1200bps Aahhh right that's at least a semi-reasonable explanation (even though the default for rasterizing SVG in a browser should NOT be transparency...)

@1200bps what if you need to calibrate using a negative color space
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