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anti-tech? (just in case) 

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more info in pinned, which is this, this is a pinned message that you are reading n ow

you can find out where to find me elsewhere by direct tooting me here, finding me on birdsite, or looking at my World Wide Web pages

there you'll also find my blog and other personal pages, my Navidrome, and info on my public Yggdrasil peer

(I really wanted to selfhost Pleroma for my return to fedi! but my i2p router uses too much CPU and I don't have the disk to spare, so here we are)

abuse ment 

2 years ago today I was ending the first week of what would be my last semester of college

a year ago I was about a month away from being kicked out in the middle of winter bc I couldn't work

as of now I'm... in exactly the same position as a year ago, right down to it being a month away

that's pretty fucked up

(I'm alright in case it wasn't clear, just a weird night)

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chugging that 11:40pm cup of coffee and having my attention steered in 3 different directions at once like an absolute baller

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open-back headphones are the most genius thing. I can listen to Chastity Belt and still hear the youtube video left playing on the other device in the room for the sake of "having some background noise"/adding visual interest to the background

so one of y'all said ferret, and i asked an irl friend and he said marten

so it's been decided: brynn, of family Mustelidae

here kinning a mischievous bastard

don't rat on your neighbors, tell everyone you know not to rat on their neighbors

(the ppl behind that incredible Parler mass-exfil already did it anyway, lmao)

when are we gonna invent a word for "useless lesbian, but not a lesbian"?

like, i know that the material conditions surrounding useless lesbianism are somewhat unique to it, but consider: meme

turns out my sister's a rat

intervention on my parents isn't happening this weekend, or possibly ever at this point

learning milvish to properly flirt with the milves

roommate: "wait, am i using NetworkManager? is my life a lie?"

i'm convinced this exemplifies the existential state of being a Linux user

the federal gov't has seen fit to stimulate me

read into that however you will

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