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i like these images better as a diptych than individually, so i decided to try the "fake/digitally matted image" thing

portraits of roommate's new gf. i like how these turned out a lot

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FYI for newbies 

Twitter has algorithms to get you engaged. Mastodon does not. So in order to enjoy Mastodon you have to take some time to reach out and find content and follow folks that you enjoy. Don't expect Mastodon to send you random popular posts to keep you engaged, you have to curate your own feed. But this is good! It gives you control.


i installed OpenWRT on it last night (10.03, which is the latest that'll run on the 54GL--i didn't realize i should have bought the 54GS)

i've never messed with OpenWRT before. it's something

i need to figure out how to do MAC address whitelisting, and figure out why clients won't connect to it in WEP mode (or at least my primary laptop won't)

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crude joke about wifi (+disinfo) 

fell asleep with my WRT54G 2ft away from my nuts and powered on, now i might be an infertile low-T male (Good)

it's like that 5g corolla that gives u the bpd

good morning

joke, little lewd 

trans girls that grew up playing Ace Combat 5 are like

"ooo planes are my s/i!!! look at the Saab Gripen model kit i'm building"

cool! maybe later u should Gripen this di

the only way i could possibly top this is by tracking down a VisorPhone (same idea as this, but it's not WiFi, it's GSM), and picking up a HackRF or similar to run my own GPRS cell. VisorPhones are like hens' teeth, though, even moreso than these Xircom boys

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such as:

theeeeese! i've had these Handspring Visors since 2014 (silver one) and 2017 (blue one), and this Xircom SpringPort 802.11b module since also 2017. i could never quite get the wifi boy to play nice, but i figured out a few nights ago that i wasn't configuring the Palm's network settings correctly. it works fine now

getting a monochrome Palm OS handheld on the internet was a dream of mine for years and years. there are Brynns of various ages (8, 14, 17) that i've made very happy by doing this

i need to figure out how to make font hacks work. 160x160 isn't a very high resolution for IRC, but upIRC explicitly supports alternate fonts w/ the appropriate hack

join # on Libera, we're cool, tell them Brynn/L200bps sent u

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does anyone here know a good solution for automatically crossposting from masto to birdsite?

a lot of the stuff that goes there is probably too Mysterious and Ironically Detached to fit the people/vibe i've curated here, but i've been blogging plenty of stuff (*gestures vaguely*) over there that i wish had gone here too

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i met a bunch of cool folx on birdsite (and also corporate social media is designed to be addictive--even if you set your timeline to Latest, lol). been neglecting fedi

she's a real F64.0 if you know what i mean

"64-bit data path?"

yeah that too probably


Discogs started using webp for images instead of jpeg, which means i can't get album art from there as part of my ingest workflow anymore. or i guess i *could,* but opening a new terminal window to run imagemagick is too irritating

it doesn't help that every site sends webp with a .jpg file extension

trans, getting letters 

A list of mental health professionals in the United States who will provide a letter of support for transgender services on first visit

(as given to me by one of the professionals on the list)

:boost_ok: Boosts very okay

i am a patient boy ⌚
i wait 🕛
i wait ⌛
i wait ⏱️
i wait 🕰️


a boy becomes normal today
and finally breaks away
into freshness and understanding:
he pushed the world he knew

(will the world break him back?
will someone snap him in half?
and build back the glass?
or is it just the boy now?)

nsfw + fandom + drug ment 

last night on edibles i spent a few hours re-reading 30k words of smutfic in my ao3 bookmarks (which go back a long way)

about half that time was spent w/ this specific 5k word junerezi fic i really love, "penny in a bed of flowers." it's this, really gentle depiction of transfem intimacy and vulnerability and catharsis. i feel a lot of feelings with it

really good night

why did Hum make 2 albums about going to space and being sad that you're going to space

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