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anti-tech? (just in case) 

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more info in pinned, which is this, this is a pinned message that you are reading n ow

you can find out where to find me elsewhere by direct tooting me here, finding me on birdsite, or looking at my World Wide Web pages

there you'll also find my blog and other personal pages, my Navidrome, and info on my public Yggdrasil peer

(I really wanted to selfhost Pleroma for my return to fedi! but my i2p router uses too much CPU and I don't have the disk to spare, so here we are)

album name get: Love Sex Communication

taken from the wiki article for Maka-Maka (specifically an interview it quotes, and yes it's the exact verbatim phrase)

on a note related to this, one thing

why on earth isn't VirtualBox in the buster repos? it's pretty stable software, it fulfils the DFSG (I think) unless you get the version with the non-free components, and even if it doesn't, there's not a lot of reason to not put it in non-free

"don't break debian" put it in buster so I don't need to use Oracle's repo then, dingus

i tried KVM too but virt-manager demanded I install some tool (which I couldn't find a package for) in order to create a VM in the GUI, and that annoyed me enough to use VBox instead; never ran into that in Arch, but who tf cares at this point, bottom text

should i just suck it up and enable backports? will that even help?

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playing with BunsenLabs in a VM, both to check out OpenBox and to get the hang of dm-crypt

for a bit I was thinking I might already be moving from plain Debian Buster to this, but as pretty and elegant as OpenBox is, I also don't particularly feel like learning it, and there's quality of life stuff (snapping with gTile, a shutdown dialog that's not a window and doesn't disappear immediately if I have focus-follows-cursor on) that seems just annoying enough to keep me from making the switch

I like how much less bloated it is by default though, and the fact it includes the essential shit a linux user actually wants (stuff like scrot, sensible settings in Debian Alternatives, aesthetic theming)

and since the hostname on the host is papertiger, I felt it appropriate to make the guest vittorio-e (real Spoon hours)

@1200bps same hat but also different hat but different hat but in the end... same hat

is anyone here into modded KSP? I'm looking around at things to do to make the game more fulfilling in the endgame (I don't have either DLC but I've unlocked the full stock tech tree and haven't even been to more than 1 planet manned and 2 unmanned)

I'm looking at the Near Future Pack, it's a bunch of neat parts in the tech tree but it doesn't seem to give much new actual science to do

sort of same for KSP Interstellar, but it looks like way too much effort to learn tbqh

and I don't wanna get back into the thing of curating and maintaining a list of like 50 mods if I don't have to

I am in fact back to playing KSP

couple things!

1) Mobile Science Labs are just a little OP! I brought one to Dres with two scientists, and after landing in 3 biomes and bringing the data back to the station I earned a bit over 32k Science (with another 1k on the way). it's an almost-endgame part but still, christ

2) MechJeb is awesome! I haven't used it in like 4 years, but it has real porkchop diagrams now which are just super handy and make me feel kinda smart when I use them. they make planning interplanetary transfers across large orbital plane differences a lot easier (like Dres to Kerbin) but they don't fix the problem of incredible speeds at intercept. good thing I brought a lot of ablator

Hiveswap 2 fun so far

Joey is so fuckin' gay oh my god. my funky wlw adventure child

this DARKSiDERS installer has some really excellent tracker music, but annoyingly I can't extract it (I've tried a few of the tools on

in unrelated news, I have Hiveswap 2 now

remember System VII?

we should go back and do System VIII

food, alc 

I occasionally think about Eiafuawn-era Clay Parton, with his 4-track making music in the van in which he lived in San Jose, and continuing to knock it out of the park (*Birds in the Ground* is one of my desert island albums, and the *everything is still all fucked up* comp is also divine)

oh, fun fact, the back cover to *Birds in the Ground* says "best listened-to while high and wearing headphones" (paraphrasing slightly)

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did y'all know *Stratosphere* was produced by Phil Ek?

or, like, a little less than half of it was; it has a somewhat convoluted production history

a bit less than half the tracks were mastered by Ek, the rest were released pretty much as-recorded, but they were all recorded on 4-track so the quality difference is noticeable but by no means massive

I remain convinced, though, that in some alternate world the Duster boys were able to have Ek master the whole thing, and instead of what it actually is (the kind of underground classic that nobody heard of until exploding 20 years later in the Internet age) it would've gotten recognition in its time and made Up Records even bigger than it was

maybe it's better this way, though; it would've been lo-fi amazingness even with Ek along for the full ride, but *1975* and *Contemporary Movement* might have turned out at least a little differently (although they'd gone less lo-fi by then anyway)

sorry I've been quiet a couple days, if anyone noticed

I got back into KSP! I somehow never played a career/science save until this week, and I think I've put about 15 hours into this save since monday evening

so that and being sleepy has been occupying the attention that would be going towards fedi

(I don't have either of the DLCs, and refuse to buy them, and can't easily pirate them because I run it on Linux, so since I've finished the tech tree I'll probably be stopping after tomorrow anyway)

I've made an unfortunate discovery

that Xircom Springboard card doesn't seem to work at all if the internal li-ion cell won't hold a charge (which it doesn't), like there needs to be charge in it for it to power the radio

and even worse, the casing seems to be ultrasonically welded

family photo

it's crap but it's photo

I'll probably do a v2 once I have the charger and a battery for the HP, and, like, daylight

(L-to-R: Handspring Visor Deluxe, Visor Pro, Palm T/X, HP iPAQ h4155; also pictured: Targus Stowaway keyboard, Xilinx 802.11b "Wireless Ethernet" Springboard, the Palm version of SunVox)

the keyboard on the C64 feels both kinda bad and really nice

like I said, this one is incredibly clean, they're known for getting really scratchy and terrible with even a bit of dust in the switches

but it's... odd? it's like MX Blacks, but moreso; it's linear, about the same travel, but the force curve feels like it ramps up with a higher slope, so it has this strange "squishy" quality as you bottom out

I think I like it, but it's odd to get used to

especially bc I personally don't like MX Blacks very much (I like linears, but not the Black force curve; my fav linear switch is Gat Yellows, about the same force but the curve is really flat)

oh the keycaps are spectacular too

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