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? (cybre aspect) @0x3F

i dont know where i first heard it, but i really like the term social interaction networks rather than social media. take back the language. we're aren't media and relationship building isn't marketing.

@cocoron i suppose it works, but why not something better?

@0x3F Plural of sin. Something we all need more of.

@0x3F "social interaction networks" sounds cool.
It will also be a lot more kickass abbreviation than "social media".

@0x3F well, "media" is a Latin word, the plural of "medium", which means more or less "between", like a bridge is between two rivers. As always, the current meaning depends on the original one: by staying between, the "media" let people communicate.

Nothing related to marketing, in itself. The fact that "social media" became synonymous with "marketing platform" is a degenerate effect of marketing itself: it's change the meaning of words to make some concept unthinkable.

1984, is now! ;-)