i come to you all now reborn and rebooted. a renewed enthusiasm, a refreshed perspective.

a new identity.

i come to you all now reborn and rebooted. a renewed enthusiasm, a refreshed perspective.

a new identity.

this handle will soon be abandoned, but our connections will not be lost, if you choose them not to be.

follow the winding path.

havent had to scream into the void lately so ive been missing.

i think its time for a new identity.


AND WE HAVE TO FIGHT FOR SEATS???! fuck this, flying does not need to be this stressful.

just heard someone on the PA say "if you walking, please run" and i dont even think they were late

you're fucking serious *everyone* has to go through invasive slow body scan, with no shoes on and no water.

this opressive power play is disgusting to me. i was right to hate the tsa.

standing in line tryna get through the tsa and this is a full blown nightmare to me.

>tfw you see someone from masto on tinder

*prays for match*

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also, apparently there's a $10 linux distribution in the microsoft appstore now

fuck im so sick of all the USPol that is going untagged/cw'd on fedi lately.

> "this matters to everyone"
holy fuck, it's literally inconceivable to you that people outside the US exist??? stfu.

pls for the love of your own country (as its the only thing that seems to exist to you anyway) CW your pol takes.

Story/worldbuilding idea 

im awfully tired today. i feel like i had a decent mental day in terms of controlling my thoughts but physically im just exhausted. idk what's going on. even going to the gym didn't help.

sometimes you see a post title on reddit that just makes you want to unplug your computer and go to bed

whew lord

helo yes i am awake again. i was awake for less than 3 hours before taking a ~3 hour nap

If anyone wants to read it again, I'm still extremely happy with it, and the sentiment it captures. Maybe you missed it the first time? Maybe you just like reading. I don't know.

'This isn't about social media. This is about control.'


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