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We near the end of this very short month, which means it's time to remind you I have a Patreon!

At $1+ a month: get new finished music and stories early. Usually science fiction.

At $3+ a month: get world building, illustrative stories, character outlines, works in progress that will probably never see a proper release, and so on. Lots of weird little experiments!

At $5+ a month: MIDI files, synth presets, probably sound effects soon.

Boosts help a lot! :toot:


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"So all these things you've learned about art, culture and communication which you've used to stave off depression for years - what real-world application does it have?"

"When phrased like that - none whatsoever"

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it seems people are more "fighty" now than i remember from a couple months ago

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Please, pretty please, don't get seduced by the dark side: stop make #Electron application!

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I don't have any laptop stickers :blob_pensive:
Well that's not true, I have a few laptop stickers but none of them are on my laptop because I'm terrified of laptop-sticker commitment

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i realised yesterday that the top half is communicating to others and the bottom is communicating with my self, in very rough terms. I didn't really intend for that, but it's cool to see

speaking of Android, I'm really happy with my rice. trying to find the balance of amoled, functional, and efficient. gestyre navigation is awesome, if a little buggy sometimes. having no nav bar rules. but it still shows up with the keyboard

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Was wondering why SwiftKey became free not too long ago. Found that suspicious and went on SwiftKey's website. Clicked on "Privacy Policy" and it redirected to Microsoft's generic privacy policy page. So uhh I guess Microsoft owns SwiftKey now.

Given how much I trust Microsoft and Windows 10 (I don't), needless to say I'm looking for an alternative keyboard for Android, preferably open source. Anyone have suggestions?

thinking about getting wireless earphones and then contemplated all the things i already have to charge:

yeah i think thats it

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One thing I don't understand is people complaining about graffiti on trains and walls but they couldn't be bothered a bit by ads being everywhere in our daily life actively and literally trying to manipulate everybody's thoughts and actions. But it's legit because that access to your brain is bought with money.

android version: 8.0
gestures: activated

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hey all, I aten't dead! Just distracted, but by good things. I will try to get back into it though! Here's an art I did yesterday! I'm hoping to draw a series like this & sell some prints & originals.

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Me: "like I don't take strong opinions much"

Me, a bit later: "RSS DIDN'T DIE // RSS WAS MURDERED"

even though i still have a lot to learn and work probably wont be particularly interesting, having less time in my day is a huge motivator for doing *more*. i think it's my procrastination kicking in?

(we'll see how i feel once uni starts too)

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