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I agree all these things are bad, but they're not new, and they're definitely not "consequences of connection", but the consequences of corporate-owned media, ad-based revenue model, and political bitterness caused by rising inequality. We migrated to the net in the 90s because the same perfect storm had hopelessly warped TV, and we naively thought the net might be different.

Do not assume privilege in people you do not know.

Everyone’s relationship with you is about how you make them feel and what you do for them. And that’s why a depression is isolating. Unless you can somehow make it not about you...people will leave.

hey @aral ive been setting up my web presence and phone and i had a couple questions if you dont mind.
how did you install hugo to your phone? is it in the pkg repo?
for DAT DNS did you set up .well-known/dat or add a txt record to DNS?
also, when generating html, hugo seems to break dat links? this may be the theme I'm using, but was wondering if you faced any trouble with that?

sorry if this is a bit overwhelming, no hard feelings if you can't/dont answer them.

my ergodox came in yesterday and i finally got to play with it today. oh my do i really like this thing already. after a little trouble with interactions after flashing, everything seems great now. still finalising my layout but I'm loving typing on this. it makes me feel like I'm flying a spaceship :)

so today in things i want to host:

its cant decide between old, established, and deserted (xmpp) or new, popular and broken (matrix)

I'm really excited about all the activity in the federated, self-hosted space. However, I feel like there's still a missing piece around identity. I don't want to have to create a new user every time I want to use someone elses shiny new federated event sharing application or what have you.

There don't seem to be any great self hosted OpenID providers out there and OpenID only solves the authentication part anyway. Maybe I've missed some obvious solutions?

Head clicking simulators.
A teething aid, or a tooth sharpener?

A distraction for the demons, so you can relax and let down your guard.

Playing music to lull them into a sedated state. Poets casting spells, protective circles, so they abate.

Calling them by their true names, if only so they know who their real masters are.

i decided there was too much vanity going on for me to set up a pleroma instance just for me (will i live to regret that, idk?) so im probs just gonna join some other instance so i have a real name persona


i really don't like the way some people on here come across as "im better than you and you should listen to what i have to say"
it grinds my gears because that's the perspective i have about myself too.

a chance for learning to be better, perhaps.

#Hubzilla as universal authentication provider for [.. insert self-hosted server software here ..]


#Oauth #Oauth2 #WebID #OpenID #WebAuthN

How I learned to do the stuff I do
❌ School
❌ Uni
✅ Screwing around on my computer

Speaking to myself.
Or others who think like me.

Speaking to other parts of my head.
Speaking to remember.

Speaking to understand
A dialog with myself.

A dialog, to explain meaning.
A dialog, to explain life.

The outcome of dissatisfaction with the words presented to me.

i wodner if theres a DAT syncer for android yet. I'd maybe drop syncthing for it. syncing my hugo base through DAT seems like it'd be p cool

woah i wake up today and subdomain-ing is working! wooo! maybe it was just dns propogation time??

"don't forget to like and subscribe" spiel but it's the four essential freedoms Show more

im struggling to get both subdomains and hugo working properly. hugo doesn't seem to be correctly building websites but they work fine in the hugo server which is odd.
ive never configured nginx before so I'm still figuring out how to get subdomains working properly

halfway through setting up my web presence. it's gonna be under my real name though and that's a bit scary.
I'm tryna get Web+ set up from the get go. I'm still figuring out how to make DNS work for DAT, but making good progress! gonna set up my own gitea and pleroma instance, but for now I'm gonna keep them both single user.